You shall go to the Ball!

Prom season is upon us once more.. Graduations for school leavers which has now even filtered down to some primary schools. My 12 year old daughter had a leavers prom when she left last year before starting high school in September and my 16 year old son was leaving high school to begin college, so it was an expensive time!

I must admit, it was lovely to see everyone looking very glamorous, especially the girls in their amazing frocks. One of my favourite labels for prom style frocks must be Forever Unique, especially the lace back corset dress now available in coral and aqua too!

These truly are statement pieces that will make you feel and look amazing, but if your budget won’t stretch that far check out the Teatro range like this mesh spot bandeau dress which is very striking!

No matter what you decide to get for your prom/graduation party, there is guaranteed to be a special something in the range of special occasion dresses that will make you stand out from the crowd and get you noticed, just make sure you are remembered as a Prom Queen and not a Drama Queen!

And of course, not to forget the guys!!! Take a look at the huge range of shirts and ties, not forgetting a decent suit that can also be purchased as seperates if you only want the trousers and not the jacket.

To really impress the girls, why not splash out on a waistcoat, a designer belt or a flash pair of cufflinks?

So much choice, who needs a fairy godmother to go to the ball when you have VERY at your fingertips!

15th June 2010
Written by Very_Lauren