5 Minutes Of Fashion With X Factor’s Diana Vickers

She’s been on the X Factor, she’s starred on the West End stage in Little Voice, she’s had a number one single and Diana Vickers is just 18 years old. You could easily be jealous of the teenage star if you’d never met her, but Diana has clung on to her Northern roots and remains down to earth.

On her rider at T in The Park at the weekend she wanted nothing more than some Dairy Milk chocolate, some beers for the men in her band and some honey and hot water for herself as she rarely drinks alcohol. The X Factor star also confessed she gets really star struck when meeting other celebrities. Bless!

During a quick five minute chat she told us about how she’s changed since X Factor and who she’s inspired by.

QS: Have you changed your look since X Factor 2008?

“Yes I am allowed to wear what I want as I write my own songs rather than doing covers.

“I’ve got a stylist and have even started reading Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, which is teaching me a lot.

“But I absolutely hate shopping – it’s my worst nightmare. My friends hate going shopping with me, too. So having a stylist is brill. We go through clothes together and she helps me pick stuff. She’s got me down to a tee.”

QS: Are you designer or high street?

“Mainly high street. I like Topshop, Rare and Motel Rocks. But I trust my stylist if she advises me to try a new designer.”

QS: What’s the most you have spent on an outfit?

“That first shopping spree after I got signed was like every girl’s dream! I went to Harrods and bought three dresses from Stella McCartney and Alice Temperley. I was shaking when I handed over my card.”

QS: What celebrity, if any, do you look up to for fashion inspiration?

“Lady Gaga! I love the way she’s got the Haus Of GaGa. The team and the ideas behind her blow my mind. She just came along and knocked us all out.

“One day I’d love to design my own clothes and have my own Team Vickers.”

QS: Have you ever had any embarrassing fashion moments?

“I dressed up for the Glamour Awards with a sexy dress and some killer heels but all the papers wrote about was me getting accidentally hit in the eye by my friend when we tried to get in our taxi.

“Also, I get embarrassed when I meet big stars. I love Paolo Nutini and we were both at the Scottish Fashion Awards. Somebody said I should go over and meet him. They wanted to introduce me but I got really nervous.

“I wanted the circumstances to be natural as I find it all a bit cringey when it’s forced and I didn’t really want to do that. So I never really got that opportunity to say hello in the end.”

QS: Finally, your single Boy Who Murdered Love is out on 12 July, What was your inspiration?

“It’s about when you like someone or you are in love with them and you get your heart broken a little bit, and love that was once a beautiful thing turns into a dark thing. Hopefully people can relate to that.”

The teenager is so mature for her age and thanks to her stylist she rarely puts a foot wrong.

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14th July 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin