Five Minutes Of Fashion With Alexandra Burke

There’s no rest for Alexandra Burke, who performed at T4 on the Beach at the weekend. She’s just got back from LA where she recorded her Don’t Let Me Start Without You music video and met with Usher about a possible duet (hope that happens!) Next she’s off to the Midlands music festival followed by Aire Fm’s party in the park. All when she’s just hooked up with a new man in the form of MTV presenter Rickie Haywood Williams.

So what is the hard working singer’s inspiration and what does she really think of the judges on the show that gave her the big break – X Factor?

QS: Are you still close to your mentor on X Factor 2008, Cheryl Cole?

“Of course! Cheryl wouldn’t leave me. I go round her house all the time. We have a chat, eat some spaghetti bolognese. She’s my inspiration. I love her style”

QS: How would you describe your own fashion style?

“I am a girly girl. My favourite colour is pink, for goodness sake. Anything pretty or girly and it’s mine!”

QS: Are you a designer or a high street girl?

“I mix and match. I absolutely love Topshop. I went in the other day and bought loads of those things called jeggings. But I also like Lipsy. Then I  have big respect and love for D&G. And Christian Louboutins I LOVE.”

QS: Have you ever had any fashion disasters?

“I once took my dog Alfie to a fashion shoot for a magazine and I think he might have peed on the floor. That was not a good moment!”

QS: Finally, what do you really think of the way Simon Cowell dresses?

“What I like about him is that he’s got all this money but you never see the man show off. I respect that. Hats off to him that he just wears a grey T-shirt and jeans because that’s what he feels comfortable in.’

Alex herself is all about the glamorous look, which we saw when she performed her music video wearing a pair of Daisy Duke style denim shorts and an on-trend striped t-shirt.

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Alexandra sparkled with lots of statement jewellery. Her necklace had feathers on, but we like this eclectic charm necklace for a similar folk chic look.

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Now everyone will hear you coming, even if your vocal talents aren’t as strong as the X Factor winner’s!

7th July 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin