Five Minutes of Fashion with Florence Welch

Brit Award winner Florence Welch always puts on a show and it was no exception at The Latitude Festival.

The flame haired songstress had the laid back crowd on their feet and dancing as she played the best of her hits from her award winning album Lungs and added a couple of new tracks into the mix.

Flo is only 23 but she’s earning a reputation for being the British Lady Gaga because of her quirky stage outfits (below).

Very grabbed the South London based star for a quick chat about her favourite fashion looks and the perils of shopping.

Qs: How do you decide what to wear?

“It depends. Sometimes, if I have a big event I have help from the stylist Hannah Marshall. She knows me so well – and creates a unique theme for every major occasion I’m at. We’re using a lot of hotpants, and then floaty, kaftan style material right now. At T4 on the beach, I looked like a sea monster. I wore black hotpants and a black floaty top that went down to the floor – I literally looked like I was dragged off the beach.”

Qs: Where do you get most of your clothes?

“I’m lucky as Top Shop have made some bespoke items for me that I wear on stage. Sometimes my stylist gets them, sometimes they are from a charity shop.”

Qs: Where do you shop personally – designer or high street?

“I hardly ever have time for shopping, so I get a lot of clothes at festivals. I bought a lot at Bestival, because they have some cool dressing up gear and vintage clothes. Sometimes I shop online.”

Qs: What is the favourite item in your wardrobe

“I have a prom style dress that is the dress my mother came out in when she was a debutante.”

Qs: Has your fashion sense changed since you became famous?

“Not really. That’s why I never fitted in with the popular crew at school . My best friend and I were more interested in watching Withnail And I and going to strange art parties. We tried to live the Withnail lifestyle, but it’s difficult to do that when you are two 17-year-old girls.”

We bet the popular girls are kicking themselves now seeing how well Florence has done. At Latitude, she showed off her enviable figure with a corset but this wardrobe essential suits people of all shapes and sizes as they pull you in in all the right places.

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We look forward to seeing more of Florence’s festival looks including the V festival on 21 and 22 August.

25th July 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin