Gok’s Fashion Fix: New series, Episode 7

The Fashion Fix runway has sure seen some fantastic outfits in this series. And obviously we’re very pleased that Gok’s high street has, once again, thrashed the designer pieces. Very.co.uk may be online shopping heaven, but our prices are very down to earth.

 That’s not to say I haven’t loved the bank-breaking styles that Brix has skilfully pulled together, they’ve all been absolutely beautiful. It’s just I couldn’t trust myself to wear such expensive pieces; I attract spillages like a magnet as it is!

But oh! To live the celebrity lifestyle like the celebs Gok caught up with in this episode. With her Bentley, Barbadian hols and fab physique (she’s 67 for god’s sake!), Cilla’s the star for me! Plus she’s a Scouser so I’ve got to show some loyalty, no? Granted Alan Carr is a Mancunian but Cilla leads me nicely to our first look….(!)


There’s no denying it, you just cannot beat the faithful LBD. If you haven’t got at least one then I would be very interested to know how you cope! Once you’ve found the perfect cut (in my case, like most women, shift), you’ll wear it time and again. This is why you should spend as much as you feel ok about; if any wardrobe piece is truly an investment, it’s the LBD.

Summer Nights

Rather than that screechy bit at the end of Grease, ‘summer nights’ reminds me of lazing on a terrace after a day in the sun, smelling of aftersun (sunburn throbbing) and anticipating a night on the local tipple. A loose dress rather than separates is comfortable and relaxed but still perfect for a night out. Add flip flops, accessories and get yourself to the bar!

Sparkle and Shine

 This probably wouldn’t be my first choice to sport of all the looks from this week’s catwalk; it’s a bit eye-catching for me. But adding sequins and crystals as subtle accents to an outfit is something I can definitely work with. And yes it may still be summer, but sparkle is something every girl should channel when it comes to the festive party season! What do you mean you don’t plan that far ahead?!

Summer Workwear

 Which scenario is worse: summer in an office with no air con? Or summer in an office with air con so cold you have to get your winter thermals out? Hmmm. I don’t know. But what I do know is staring out the window at the sunshine make me very sad indeed. So, whatever your office dress code, I advise accessories with a bit of holiday escapism – and happy-coloured nail varnish!

7th July 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Margaret Jones 22 July 2010

Hi well to start,…i am a 64 year old, and as of late as i have started to slow, my weight has gone up…Tried to diet but not doing much . Would just like some ideas on how to dress now.. I am 5’7 size 18 my weight is going on round my tummy and hips . always been big busted but learnt to live with that. Hopeing for some help and thank you.


Posted by: John Hughes 8 July 2010


I am looking /hopping that someone ie Mr Gok would be able to help me. I am a disabled person and my wife Heather (47) is my carer and has been for the last 25 years. I would love to try and organise a makeover for her.

many Thanks