Kate Hudson Power Dresses For Dinner

You, Me and Dupree actress Kate Hudson is best known for rom-coms, but she put that image to one side when she met producer Harvey Weinstein for supper.

Kate met up with the Miramax studios co-founder at exclusive London fish restaurant Scott’s, where a meal for two is at least £150. Clearly someone was trying to impress someone else.

Weinstein’s best loved films are action adventures or thrillers like Kill Bill, Sin City and Lord of The Rings.

But Kate’s done cheesey feel-good movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bride Wars and Fool’s Gold.

Maybe that’s why Kate, whose mother is legendary Hollywood star Goldie Hawn, wasn’t smiling at all when she met Harvey at the Mayfair restaurant.

They were inside for two hours and it doesn’t take that long to eat a bit of seafood!

It’s about time Kate took on a more meaty role and if she was trying to get taken seriously then she certainly ticked the right boxed with her outfit choice.

The long sleeved dress  is feminine without being too flirty as Kate needs to show she is focussed about her craft.

However, the bright print, which is a big trend for summer, lightens the mood so Harvey doesn’t have to worry she’ll stab him with her fish knife over supper.

If you have an important meeting coming up, recreate Kate’s look with a Joe Brown’s all season dress– perfect for all occasions as the name suggests

With a Floral print dress, the pattern lightens the mood but the cut of the garment says ‘power dressing’

Or grab someone’s attention in a Killah swan feather print dress, which will certainly get you noticed.

Looks like Kate’s ready to Kick Ass – and these are ways you can too!

22nd July 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin