Pixie Lott Rocks A Lace Look At T4 On The Beach

Pop princess Pixie Lott has definitely picked up an edgier sense of style since supporting Rihanna – check out her lace dress!

And perhaps realizing that black wasn’t the best choice for a busy festival like T4 on the Beach, the Boys and Girls singer Turn(ed) it Up with a lot of gold jewellery. We counted at least three necklaces plus almost a ring on every finger.

It’s actually a miracle her large key necklace didn’t swing up and give her a black eye as the singer’s set on Weston-Super-Mare beach was one of the most active of the day.

The Saturdays shimmied and shook their hips and Dizzee Rascal swaggered about the stage, but party girl Pixie ran up and down during her 30 minute performance, belting out hits like Mama Do and Turn it Up.

This bodes very well for the future as Pixie has just announced she is to do a solo tour.

She burst onto the scene supporting The Saturdays on tour, then opened the shows for Rihanna, and she will be doing 20 dates of her own in November and December plus her debut perfomance at the V festival.

Her tour is called Crazy Cats, and she said: “I’m a bit crazy myself, but I like to call my fans crazy cats. It’s a term of affection. Lady Gaga calls her fans monsters, mine are kitty cats.”

And the kitty cats around the UK will get to see her in person starting on 24 November in Glasgow before finishing on 18 December in Manchester.

In the meantime, we can all copy style with one of Very‘s lace dresses. The most similar to Pixie’s is a sleeveless South lace dress

Edgier still is a Teatro bodycon lace dress

And as the sun isn’t going to stay around forever, try South lace sleeve dress, which will also keep you cool but comfortable in the evening.

Make sure you also check out Very’s range of fashion jewellery to stand out like the British chart-topper.

The vintage style clock necklace below looks like one of the statement necklaces Pixie had round her neck for her gig.

Complete the look with a pack of two crystal heart rings, or maybe even two packs if you’re really trying to get the pop star’s look!

5th July 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin