Soldier Boy-The Military Trend for Men

One trend that is hitting the streets yet again is Military.

Taking its roots from the tougher and serious side of army life, should we be encouraging such a trend I ask?

My answer is a definite yes- These men are heroes without a doubt, so how wrong can it be to aspire to such an image? Military training leaves no room for the weak. Hardcore regimes and discipline leave these guys ultra tough and the ultimate masculine ideal.

No wonder then this trend so popular!

This time the trend is set for an even more hardcore edge with a big focus on Footwear and all the major brands are releasing their own version  My favourite are these ones by  Bench -These look Hardcore!

Cargo pants are a modern wardrobe staple for men and are set to continue to be popular this autumn so if you are looking for an excuse to update your wardrobe then now’s the time to grab a new pair or two.

Dressed down cargos look great with hooded Tops and trainers or boots for urban soldier appeal, or try a military shirt with jeans and boots for easy daytime wear.

Feeling brave? Then try a vest with cargos and boots and the must have dog tags, this is the ultimate look for showing off those rippling muscles- Very Sexy!

For a more dressed up look try a coat with big military features such as this one by Paul Costelloe and wear over your usual shirt and trousers. Great for keeping on trend for work!

So what is your opinion of this trend?-Are you going to be investing in a pair of these boots this autumn or maybe a new jacket perhaps?-let me know below!

27th July 2010
Written by Very_Lauren