The 2010 World Cup winner? Let Paul decide…

What on earth has happened to sense and sensibilities where this World Cup is concerned? The outcome of Sunday’s final is in the hands, sorry, tentacles of an octopus called Paul.

Paul is two years old and lives in an aquarium in Germany. He has correctly predicted the outcome of all of Germany’s world cup games (including the semi final loss to Spain). He makes his selections by picking an unassuming mussel out of one of two boxes in his tank representing the opposing teams.

He is yet to put a tenticle wrong as and as result of lots of correct results he has become an international celebrity.

When he made his final predictions on Friday morning the world’s media was watching. After a little procrastination he plumped for Germany to beat Uruguay on Saturday in the 3rd/4th place play off.

Some are suggesting this selection may not be entirely reliable and may be heavily influenced by a handful of disgruntled German fans determined to make Paul Calamari after Germany failed to go the distance as Paul predicted.

Back to Paul’s tank in Oberhausen and after a brief break he was hungry for another mussel. Whose box would he pick? Netherlands or Spain? Who did Paul think would win the 2010 World Cup?

The world watched and waited while Paul made the call…


So that’s that then.

Unless we listen to Paul’s rival Pauline who is a Dutch based octopus… Unsurprisingly she’s gone for a Holland victory but again how much was that for fear of being fried? Or there’s Mannie, the parakeet from Singapore, he’s gone for Netherlands too. They’re all jumping on the bandwagon now.

Paul though, well, he’s the real McCoy, the original predictor and there’s one more thing, he was born and bred British.

So I’m with Paul. Spain to win 2-1. The End.

C Georgie Thompson x

9th July 2010
Written by Very_Lauren