World Cup Semi Finals: The Rainbow Nation Goes Orange

Is there a more passionate, dedicated or committed sports fan than one who heralds from Holland?

I doubt it.

Whenever I have hosted a sports event, wherever in the world I have been broadcasting from, no matter how far they are from home you can always rely on the Dutch fans to turn up.

And turn up they have in South Africa in their hundreds hopeful of finally getting their hands on the biggest prize in world football that has so far, so cruelly, evaded them. The Netherlands has won 5 consecutive World Cup matches at 2010. Last time they won four in a row they got to the final. That was in 1974.

So it’s been a while but some things don’t change.

When the whistle blows in Cape Town against Uruguay will be no guarantees bar one, a sea of orange willing on Sneijder and co to book their spot in Sunday’s final against either Germany or Spain.

In the rainbow nation the future is forever bright, it could very well be orange too.

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6th July 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: MBTSPORTSONLINE 8 July 2010

Although this has been passed, but still remember the wonderful picture, I wish the final match against Spain the Netherlands will be very exciting.