Back to School Shoes

Trendy and sensible

Back to school! You see it advertised all over the place from the moment the summer holidays start. I have to say it brings back some memories! With my Mum there was always the crucial timing of buying new school shoes – leave it too late and there will be nothing left that we both agreed on (I wanted trendy, Mum wanted sensible and hard wearing), go too early and you may grow out of them before the new term starts. I often wondered how long my Mum thought the school holidays actually were – I wasn’t growing out of shoes in six months let alone six weeks!

Anyway, it was a tense time until black, chunky, round toed, lace-up shoes (aka ‘sensible shoes’) became trendy. That year buying my school shoes was a breeze. It was trying to persuade my Mum to let me have the slouch socks to complete the look that caused the ruckus. I won on the grounds that socks weren’t going to deform my feet or be uncomfortable (an argument she often used for what she felt were unsuitable shoes). Looking back though they did look ridiculous – we all strutted around in our school uniforms with stick thin legs poking out the top of reams of white socks. My Dad used to called me ‘Nora’ referring to Nora Batty from ‘Last of the Summer Wine’, famous for her wrinkled stockings. I didn’t care though – I thought I was the bee’s knees!

I wonder does this wrangling still occur between Mother and Daughter when it comes to new school shoes? Looking at the range of shoes for available for kids these days I’m certain the battle-of-the-shoes must be on the decline… Very have a great Back to School range but then don’t all children hanker after what they are not allowed? I certainly did…

Tell us about your shoe buying experiences and battles.

2nd August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Minh Bolivar 31 December 2010

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