Beyonce turns up the Heat For House of Dereon

As Beyonce’s new shoot for her fashion brand House of Dereon gets more internet hits than a mafia don, I take time out to share my opinion on her racy new look.

Beyonce is certainly set to shock her fans after posing topless, covered in fake tattoos for the steaming hot new photo shoot.

Wearing just a pair of black and silver leggings and leather boots this is a side of a Beyonce we have never seen – literally!

It’s no wonder then she chose to name her new scent Heat

Posing in other shots, her back, arms, chest and legs are covered in tattoos of circles, swirls, cobwebs and enormous spiders. And she even chooses to sprawl over a motor bike in one sporting a shock of very blonde hair!

So what do I think? Personally I’m a bit disappointed that she has gone down this route. She was the one female vocalist that I admired for still managing to keep her kit on! Yes she does wear some very revealing outfits but never to this extent.

I fear the arrival of stars such as Rhianna has left Beyonce feeling – unnecessarily – that she has to step up her game or maybe Co Starring in the telephone video with Lady Gaga just pushed her over the edge.

Whatever the reason, the reaction on the internet hasn’t been entirely favourable. However negatives aside, her range is going to prove amazingly popular and just for you I have found some Beyonce inspired pieces – all thankfully at a fraction of the cost!

Studs, zips and leather all add up to perfecting the Biker Chic look. Thankfully you don’t have to get naked to look as hot as Beyonce – try this very form fitting dress for a less revealing but equally jaw dropping effect.

If you want just one item, biker boots would be my top tip as they will also go great with the military trend that is hitting the shops. Verdict – stash them now!

So what’s your opinion? Do you think Beyonce made the right decision by posing topless or is it all a fuss about nothing? Leave your comments below.

20th August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: kelvin 20 August 2010

fantastic, really amizing.i like that 100%,,,,,,keep it up b.