Creating a garden to reflect your style

One thing that has surprised me this year is the range of plants available- it’s surprisingly vast and also offers a huge choice to suit all tastes!

I have to admit my garden needs a major re-haul and I have been wondering what theme to go for, so I’ve made up a collection of my four top favourite garden types.

If you are looking to restyle your garden too then I hope you will be inspired too by the beautiful collection of plants that Very has to offer.

Mediterranean Garden

After my last holiday to the Canary Islands I was overwhelmed by the contrast of beautiful plants against the stark contrast of volcanic landscapes. Here it’s all about the sun so cacti and aloe Vera abound whilst palm trees offer some well needed shade.

Perhaps though you are a lover of the Greek islands, here the olive tree takes pride of place in every home-why not try planting your own to create your own little touch of the med?

Zen Garden

Who doesn’t need a quiet place to reflect sometimes? Japan has some of the most amazing gardens in the world, my creative talents don’t go that far but all of us can make a start. Try a Bonsai tree and Buddha statue or water feature, wisteria is also great in the Japanese garden. When you have created your mini part of heaven will you ever want to leave?

English Garden

Neatly trimmed hedges, topiary and fragrant roses sum up the traditional English garden to me, lavender is one of my favourite plants and goes great with roses too. The great thing about this garden is that the plants are so suited to our climate-just the excuse you need to get started.

The Fruit garden

What could be more fulfilling that growing a successful crop each year? From grapes to kiwi the choice is certainly anything but boring and this is a great idea for families to work on together. Not only is it edible, it’s also a sight to behold when all those fruits are ripe!  Its healthy, cost effective and so rewarding .The only problem you will have is the knocks on the door from family and friends who just happen to need some raspberries etc for their summer pudding!

Have you got a garden that is worthy of the Chelsea flower show? Or maybe you are a novice like me-why don’t you post a picture in the forum or leave a post sharing your unique gardening tips and advice.

17th August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren