Five Minutes Of Fashion With The Saturdays Mollie

The Saturdays entered the UK singles chart at Number 3 with their single Missing You but if there was a prize for hours spent promoting it they’d be number one.

In the week their single was released, the hardworking girl group ran around the country, even taking quick motorbike taxis so they could fulfil their commitments. This included TV interviews like Loose Women and This Morning, magazine interviews like Look and Glamour, Radio 1 chats and record signings for fans at GAY club and HMV.

We caught up with Mollie King during a break in the band’s hectic schedule for a few fashion-related questions.

QS: You are known for being the ‘Posh’ Saturday. Is that really true?

“The press say that I am posh because I’ve from the South and because I went to private school in Surrey but I don’t think I am posh at all, especially when it comes to clothes. I’m more likely to wear a t-shirt or a check shirt than something posh.

Rochelle is the most posh when it comes to clothes. She loves labels and designers and is always wearing at least one designer label.”

QS: Where do you mostly shop then?

“I think Zara is massively under-rated . It’s really nice as it doesn’t look high street at all.  Diesel for jeans, and also Urban Outfitters where you can see a great selection of clothes at once.”

QS: Do you ever have fights over each other’s outfits?

“What’s funny is that our taste in clothes is really similar. If you took us to a big shop like Top Shop then a couple of us may end up getting the same outfit. That’s when we’ll fight and say that someone else can’t wear it because we have it and we want to wear it.

“We probably fight less than other bands because a lot of the time we wear the same dresses, just maybe different colours or slightly different styles.”

QS: Does being in the public eye mean there is a lot of pressure to look super glamorous the whole time?

“Not usually, but at the moment The Saturdays are being filmed for an ITV2 documentary. They were when I woke up at 8 o’clock this morning after a heavy night out! That was not enjoyable. They’re literally with us all the time for three months and they’re getting four episodes out of it. It seems like a lot of filming to me! I’ve got so used to them being around now that I forget they’re filming and suddenly I worry I’m sitting around looking gormless. We don’t have anything to hide though – we get on so well and I think that will come across.”

QS: What are your favourite items in your wardrobe?

“I’m all about the accessories so it would probably be one of my handbags. I’m also loving sunglasses this summer, as they’re great for festivals and I have some amazing Ray-bans.”

At her visit to the Radio 1 studios, you could see Mollie was all about the accesories to get her looking ship-shape.

Copy her look with a cute yacht pendant to set sail on the right foot.

Stripes are popular this season and the Rare stripe 3/4 dress is a great length for running round in. Less restrictive than a lycra maxi and more practical than a mini skirt.

A long sleeve option would be a South stripe dress

But for Saturday nights, you can’t beat a sexy mini ruched stripe dress

Let’s hope The Saturdays get their much needed music number one next time. Good luck, ladies.

16th August 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin