Get ready for Uni – Student Essentials!

If you have got teenagers who are just overcoming the euphoria (and the hangover) from their A-Level results, then preparations for university won’t be far from your mind.

Whilst for many freshers, the idea of ‘preparing for uni’ involves finding out where the Student Union bar is, most parents will be well aware that there is plenty of work to do before their offspring are sent to live away from home for the first time.

Of course, many prospective students won’t have even begun to think about what they will and won’t need when they first step through the door of their university accommodation, or at least, they’ll prefer to look at the more exciting things like a new laptop, TV and even a few things for their wardrobe. But of course, they’ll also need some of the more mundane, everyday items.

Here at Very, we’ve picked out some of the educational essentials that no student must be without, both at home and on campus.

On campus

The days when students fought endlessly with each other for computer access in the campus library are, largely, a thing of the past. That’s down in no small part down to the way that home computing has fallen in price over the last decade. Today, no student should be without a laptop in hand and WiFi at home.

The laptop that goes to the top of the class in our view for value and price is the Acer Aspire 5551, with plenty of hard drive space, a solid processor and Windows 7. To make sure that all of your precious college work is securely backed up, we’d also recommend attaching it to this 500GB Seagate External Hard Drive. Don’t forget the printer as well!

Home cooking

There will come a time, usually as the term’s student loan fund starts to diminish, when students begin to realise that food doesn’t just come in cardboard boxes, brought to your door by a man from the local takeaway. They will, eventually, need to do their own cooking.

Of course, not every student is going to be the next Jamie Oliver or Anthony Worrall Thompson, but a simple three piece pan set should ensure that they don’t have the local curry house on speed dial.

If even that seems like too much, then a good value kettle, perfect for those “deadline day” essays, and toaster will do the trick.

Around the house

Not only will your offspring have to feed themselves at university, they’ll also have to clean up after themselves.

For some, university life will provide them with their first ever experience with an ironing board. For that reason, we’d probably recommend getting them used to the concept before you pack them off. This Value Essentials ironing board and JMB Iron VI1010 should do the trick!

One Final Thing

Last of all, we’ve picked out what is perhaps the single most important device in any student household. There will be no excuses for missing lectures with this ‘striking’ alarm clock. This really is something that no student can afford to be without.

25th August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren