Girls Toys: Top Ten

Now the summer holidays are here there’s always going to be a massive demand for new toys for kids to play with. I was particularly impressed with the new Top Ten toys that Very has featured and after a quick look at the girl’s section, I thought I’d do a quick feature because really, it doesn’t matter how old you are, secretly we all still love toys!

Toy Story 3 is set to be the biggest children’s film of the summer so of course there has to be a new Toy Story toy on the list. The major contender is of course sassy cowgirl Jessie who, like the toys in the films, actually talks, so this is a fantastic option for Toy Story fans!

My absolute favourite on the top ten list is the Regency Hotel for Sylvanian Families which would be a brilliant addition to any playroom and girl’s will love the cute and furry animal families. Sylvanian Families have been around for years and they’re still just as popular so this is one that is sure to be a hit with animal lovers!

Any fans of the G-Force movie, or fans of small furry animals in general, will love the super cute Rock Star hamsters from Zhu Zhu pets. If you have children that are nagging you to get a pet, then this may well keep them occupied for quite some time. These interactive hamsters can talk and move and they all have some awesome rock star hairstyles!

For little hostesses in the making who love to have friends over for tea parties, this lovely Hello Kitty tea set is perfect for having afternoon tea! Complete with teapots, milk jug, sugar pot and plenty of cups – the guests (whether real, imaginary or fluffy toys) will be well catered for.

Check out the top ten kid’s section here at Very for more inspiration on girl’s toys today!

17th August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

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