Gorgeous Summer Nails

When the sun comes out we have a tendency to show off more of our bodies than usual (what can we say – it’s a holiday requirement!), so we always want to look our best. Sometimes the finer details get missed – in particular our nails! This can be a big mistake as neglected, uncared for nails can be ugly and gnarly especially if they’ve been neglected for a while.

Getting your nails into shape for summer is a really easy process, so make sure you don’t have ugly nails poking out of your pretty summer sandals!

Although our fingernails are on show all year round and are generally well cared for, our toenails have suffered being stuck in closed toe shoes and boots and generally hidden away from the world, so no doubt they will need some TLC.

First up you’ll need to prepare your hands, so give them a bath in warm water, wash them with a mild hand wash and clean them with a nailbrush. Soak your hands for a few minutes to soften your cuticles.

If you have long, or uneven, cuticles gently push them back or use a cuticle remover. Next, trim the nails with a pair of nail clippers so that they are all the same length, then use a nail file to shape and smooth them.

You’ll want to moisturise your hands after this and make sure that moisture is locked in and then the real fun starts – painting your nails! If you want a natural, neutral look then a classic French manicure set or clear nail polish will do the trick.

If you’re more adventurous however, then there is a never ending supply of nail colours with every colour in the rainbow spectrum available, as well as pearl sheens and sparkly paints. If you are going with a dark colour, it’s always best to start with a base coat to protect your nails from discolouration. A top coat will also help protect your nails and help the nail colour stay on for longer.

For a summer look try paler colours and pastels like pink, baby blue and mint green or for an evening look you can vamp it up with dark reds, purples and blues.

If your nails aren’t in the best of condition, then there are also some special treatments that you can get that will help you nourish your nails back to health. If you have dry nails you can try applying some cuticle butter or buy a kit that includes Vitamin E cuticle oil and a buffer, such as this Nail Inc. set.

If you suffer from other ailments like flaky, peeling nails or bendy nails then there are kits to help you remedy this as well, nourishing your nails with cuticle oil and protecting them with base and top coats – this Nails Inc. set will do the job nicely!

31st August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren