Hot Home Trends: Bold Wallpaper

If you are looking for something to add character to or update a room, beautiful bold large-scale print wallpaper will do the trick nicely. There are a few tricks to the trade however, as you don’t want the wallpaper to overpower the whole room.

Here at we have a beautiful range of Graham & Brown wallpapers to add a great new look to any room. Although there are no firm and fast rules there are a few guidelines to follow to save your room being swallowed by a print.

Keep it minimal

You don’t have to go all out with a pattern –wallpaper one wall with a bold print but keep the other walls neutral, or in a complementary colour to avoid the room feeling too manic. A colourful print like this Rosey wallpaper is great for one wall decoration.

Match Your Accessories

You can incorporate the pattern into your accessories, for example if the wallpaper design comes in a fabric with the same design then you can match your cushions, curtains and other accessories. Alternatively, pick a colour from the design and match your accessories to it for a more co-ordinated look.

Patterns can be neutral too

Just because you pick wallpaper with a large print, it doesn’t mean that it has to overpower the entire room. Instead pick a simple, consistent pattern that comes in pale, neutral colours or with a plain neutral background to keep your pattern in check. This Symmetry wallpaper is a perfect example of this.

Monotones are Modern

If you want a modern, fresh feel then adding a monochrome pattern to your room can add interest and fun – you can add colourful accessories to tone down the harshness as well. This Verve Stripe wallpaper is great for making a bold statement.

Add some light

Everyone knows that light makes rooms look bigger, while patterns can seem to enclose a space. To combat this you can pick wallpaper with a lustre, which means that light will be reflected around the room and the pattern will seem more intense. This light reflective ‘Sparkle’ wallpaper will do just that.

Change the time period

If you’re lucky enough to own some antique or period specific furniture that you want to incorporate into a room you can back it against a modern print, to bring the room up to date. Alternatively, you can place ultra modern furniture against a more traditional print for a retro look.

23rd August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: dev mehra 2 December 2011

gd pic man i really like it…..

Posted by: Delina ,Madamsewnsew 23 August 2010

This is an excellent and interesting blog. You are right with all the kind of patterns, I now feel the need to update my wallpaper. Thank you so much for sharing!