Mario: Part of the family since 1985

When you think of the history of gaming a certain cheeky Italian plumber may well come to mind! Yes, Nintendo are celebrating Mario’s 25th anniversary and no doubt you’ve seen the adverts telling us that he’s been part of the family since way back in 1985.

The popular moustached plumber has indeed been on our screens for 25 years, bringing entertainment to kids (and adults!) everywhere, and is almost as old as me! To celebrate, I thought I’d take a quick look at Mario’s recent offerings!

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The most recent Mario adventure is also one of the most anticipated and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! Providing a mind boggling array of levels that include 2D, 3D, upside down, back to front – this game defies the laws of physics. There’s plenty of coin collecting, puzzles, challenges and the return of Yoshi to keep you entertained and the brilliantly imaginative levels make this a hit for the whole family.

Super Mario Bros. Wii

Bringing the much loved platform game to a brand new platform – the Nintendo Wii – this is the first time that Mario has been multiplayer and is great for families. With up to 4 players, you and your family or friends must work together to work your way through levels, in the air, underground and underwater, to defeat Bowser and his minions and rescue Princess Peach!

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is often called the best multiplayer game and rightly so, it’s great entertainment for the whole family. Choose your character, from a wide range of Nintendo characters, then choose your vehicle and speed over rainbows, through tunnels and around mesmerising tracks, to snag first place. Hinder your opponents with fun booby traps or grab special boxes to give yourself special powers.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

This ingenious little game takes in two different storylines. Bowser is tricked into eating a magic mushroom which causes him to inhale Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach! Mario and Luigi must fight their way through various challenges and puzzles to rescue the Princess, while also taking control of Bowser without him knowing! You also control Bowser in a separate storyline which sees him trying to stop his arch enemy from taking over his castle! Great fun for kids on the go.

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18th August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Oscar 25 August 2010

25 years of Mario but 29 years of being around everyone has forgot Donkey Kong. the first Mario Game and yet nobody takes that into acount