Mischa Barton’s Regaining Her Colour And Style

It’s great to see Mischa Barton with some colour in her cheeks after her public breakdown last year.

Could this have anything to do with her new boyfriend – a British DJ appropriately named Ali Love?!

Mischa and her man have  been all over each other on a series of dates in London recently.

The lovebirds barely let go of each other’s hands during the Lovebox festival, they fed each other bar snacks at Camden watering hole The Hawley Arms and most recently hugged and kissed their way round a shopping trip in London’s Covent Garden.

The shop they ended up in was a telltale sign that Mischa is in love – the upmarket lingerie boutique Coco De Mer.

Good on the former OC star for conquering her demons and reflecting her new bright mental outlook with her choice of outfits such as this kaleidoscope coloured maxi dress, which she wore for a shopping trip in London.

Mischa, who owns a house in LA, has clearly got a thing for British men as her last two boyfriends were Razorlight rocker Johnny Borrell and The Kooks singer Luke Pritchard.

But she’s already so into Ali, whose real name is the less showbiz Alexander McLovan that she’s considering moving to the UK to spend more time with him.

The actress’s sister Zoe works as a bartender in London, so she’s got family to support her plus she’s good mates with UK based model Daisy Lowe.

If you’re looking for something to put a smile on your face then you just can’t beat a pretty dress to feel happy. Very similar to Mischa’s dress with it’s melee of colours is this Vicky Martin Nicole jet maxi dress

Also check out the Love Label paisley maxi dress. At just £35, it’s another reason to grin.

Even better for the bank account is the new  South print maxi dress at just £29.

Maximum style at miniscule prices! We wish Mischa all the best.

10th August 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin