My Very First Day at School

Lots of things bring tears to a Parents eyes, sometimes in Joy-sometimes in sadness but it’s all part of the rollercoaster of parenthood that we must go through.

As a mom of five I know that one of the most heart wrenching moments can be the day your child starts school for the first time. All those worries! Will they fit in? Will they be scared? Will they even know where to stand in the lunch queue?

As parents it’s only natural to feel this way – I have been through it four times so far and still dread the day I finally have to let my baby girl start fulltime nursery so I know very well how difficult it can be for first time parents.

How have I dealt with it so far then I hear you ask

I try to treat it as an adventure now, sometimes my younger two take a bike or we take a slow walk and talk about things along the way-yes they do turn up with lots of leaves and flowers as gifts for the teachers most days but if it makes them happy it’s not a bad thing is it?

Do I have any practical advice?

The uniform lists tend to skip the need for a raincoat and wellingtons, an essential buy if you walk to school in England!

Buy a character lunchbox set so they have their own little set to make eating packed lunches more fun-plus it’s easier to pick out their own boxes then.

Take a camera to capture that very first day but if you fear tears at the gates take some snaps on the way instead , that way you will have a happy smiling child on your proudly framed photo.

Consider a push along trike, scooter or bike, that way not only does it provide exercise for parent and child-it’s also fun! My daughter loves riding her bike to school in the morning even if she hasn’t quite mastered the hills yet.

Let Teddy go to school too, that way your little princess (or prince!) has a companion already to start the day with, It wont be forever and one day they will not need a special friend to go too but at the beginning it can be a great help.

And my final advice is when it’s time to leave make sure it’s with a smile. However upset you may be feeling I can honestly say it’s better to let your little one feel reassured that mom is happy too.

You can rest assured that as soon as you have gone your little one will be so busy having fun with all the exciting new toys that the day will pass quickly enough, why not take the time to treat yourself to a special day at the hairdressers to celebrate baby growing up or maybe to invite one of the other new school moms to a chat and coffee maybe to break the ice?

Is your little one starting school this year too or maybe yours have flown the nest-please feel free to share your worries or advice below

3rd August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren