New Trend – Maxi Skirts

Do you love the summer trend of the maxi dress? I do! Well if you do too, you are going to love its new spin off – the MAXI SKIRT!

You can go for either floaty and flowing, or straight and tube like – as long as it goes right down to your feet you’ve got the look right.

Pretty much any colour and print is going at the moment, so let your imagination go wild!

They aren’t just for holidays either, try swapping your jeans at the weekend for a maxi skirt and wear with pumps, plimsoles or flip flops for a casual day look.

For the evening, wear a tube style skirt with a skinny vest and loads of hippy jewellery like bangles, it will show off your curves and look really sexy.

If your on the petite side don’t worry, get height with comfort by wearing some wedges.

If you’re worried about your tummy, wear something to draw attention away from it – such as a big necklace, scarf or waistcoat.

If your skirt has an elasticated waistband – fantastic – you have just bought a two in one item! Pull it up over your boobs and put a belt around your waist – instant summer dress!

9th August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Mel - Customer Guest Blogger 5 September 2010

Thanks, glad I could help!

Posted by: Delina from Madamese 9 August 2010

This is a very useful tip. especially with what you wrote about petite wearing long skirt, the idea of wearing a wedge is superb! It will really be a big help to those who’ve been dying to wear one.