Skechers – are they the new miracle shoe?

When I first saw these “miracle” shoes – I must admit I was sceptical. I mean how much can a shoe actually do in reality?

The answer it seems is quite a lot!

I urge you to read through the reviews on these Tone-Up shoes by Skechers.

Not only do they actually seem to help you lose weight and tone up, people are also saying they have helped all but cure aches and pains from hips to backs. It seems wearers are finding extra benefits from these truly amazing sandals.

They are also described as “walking on clouds” – in that case give me five pairs! That sounds beyond comfort and into magic shoe territory!

I expected them to look quite clumpy and be very heavy, perhaps like an orthopaedic boot but they aren’t at all, in fact they even have some sequin pairs that are snazzy enough to wear out on the town!

And there’s extra good news – recent scientific research tells us that women aren’t wearing the correct heel height at all – flat shoes such as flip flops, dolly shoes and plimsolls being chief offenders. Well with the cunning design by Sketchers you not only get the recommended height – you also get comfort, style and a chance to tone up too!

I love the way you can wear these with anything – my favourites have to be the Ninjaful brown toe-post pair, they are great with maxi dresses or for slipping on in the day with jeans and I have to say I will be investing in these before they sell out!

If sandals aren’t your thing then don’t fret – they also come in trainer style too. The aptly named Skechers Shape-Ups which promise a work out without the gym!

So what are you views? Do you already own a pair and have a success story to share? Please feel free to comment below.

24th August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: daniel v 10 September 2010

I had a sore heel for many months, working in a warehouse environment and walking on concrete. My walking shoes normally would cost $50 and last about 6 months. Then the pain in my heel would return. Six months ago I could hardly walk in the morning so I decided to buy the Sketcher Shapeups. Within 2 week the pain was completly gone! I have had this pair for 7 months and am completely satisfied. They are rugged and very light. Worth the extra money. thanksyou