Ugg Australia-Confessions of an Ugg Convert

Starting off as an odd fashion trend amongst celebs, many thought these would be in fashion for a few months then disappear into the fashion mistake closet for eternity.

Yes -Beyonce still manages to look effortlessly hot in her Uggs!

They have however proved to be a big seller for over 5 years now and as the market grows so do the styles available.

Why then did I wait so long to buy a pair?

As a mom I tend to be very money conscious preferring to spend my money on the family and household. When I do buy clothing for myself I tend to stick to sale items or cheaper alternatives rather than higher end fashion labels so I have money spare to spend elsewhere. I also confess that when I first saw them I thought they weren’t the best looking footwear creation-only just coming second to my irrational fear of crocs!

This month though I’ve been very naughty, I’ve blown the budget and bought my first pair of Ugg Australia boots.  My old non branded pair was looking rather faded and when I saw these furry creations I knew I just had to have them.

So what’s my verdict?

I ordered a full size down as recommended and being budget conscious and rather short- I managed to grab a pair from the Childrens Ugg selection in a size 3.

Do they fit? Yes like a glove! Furry and cosy they are everything I have heard described by Ugg aficionados.

The soles are surprisingly sturdy but still feel light on the foot, The only problem I had after going on a test drive to the local shop is how warm they are which is why I am going to be loving them so much in the colder months!

I so highly recommend that you take the plunge too and treat yourself to a pair. Not only are they practical they have proven to be a fashion must have. The new styles are going to be highly popular especially as we all know fur is big this autumn!

If you haven’t already, you really must check out the range for kids too. From bootees to older girls, there is so much to chose from-my favourite for girls being the cardigan boot with the big button feature. How cute are these!

And don’t think this is just for women & children either. These are growing in popularity amongst men and why not I ask! They are comfy and just what you need in the winter months in our unpredictable English weather. As the celebs in my set show, all you need is a “don’t give a monkeys what you think attitude”.

So what are your views on Ugg’s? Are you a lover or hater or maybe you are one of the newly converted like me? Are you a man who is proud of his Ugg’s? If so leave your comments below.

13th August 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Mineola 18 August 2011

At last, found what I was looking for!

Posted by: ugghyves 14 August 2010

I think my favorite thing to come out of the whole argument over this place is the nickname “HiHo.”