Video: Stacey Soloman’s Maxi Has The X Factor

X Factor star Stacey Soloman has been known to get her lovely legs out at every opportunity as she has a fabulous pair and she knows it.

However, when we met her at a tea party in London’s Sanctum Hotel, we were impressed to see she covered up in one of this season’s hottest maxi dresses – and still looked amazing!

Stacey was with her two-year-old son Zac, who was proud of his gorgeous mummy.

Check out how cute he is in the video below. No wonder Dannii Minogue has said that mentoring the Essex girl and meeting her super cute son while doing the X Factor was a big influence in pushing her to become a mum herself.

Normally in our videos, stars talk about their favourite fashion choices but Stacey looked so good that we thought it best to let the images speak for themselves.

And after the filming, Stacey gushed in her typical hyperactive style: “I’ve just done a single with the RAF and I am hoping that if I hang in there, I’ll get a record label.

“I look at people like Diana Vickers who has done amazingly well and I think that it took a few years for her so I will just stay around and do what I do and get noticed.

“When it comes to clothes, I live in dresses because they are easy. You only have to think about wearing one thing, rather than matching jeans and a top.”

Whatever her reasons for wearing a maxi dress, we think Stacey looks beautiful. Black will work for summer through to autumn and Very has a few black maxi dresses to choose from.

Check out the Love Label pleat maxi dress for casual summer style like Stacey.

For something that will take you from day to night, the Rare crochet maxi dress looks sweet from the front but turn around and show your sexy side.

Or if you need a glamorous look for the evening, try an Elements/Amanda Wakeley Sequin Maxi Dress.

Whoever said black was boring? Stacey’s showed it still has the X Factor!

19th August 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin