Best Gifts for Newborns

Having a dilemma about what to buy for that friend/relative/work colleague that’s just had a baby? It can be so difficult to know what to buy, especially when it’s someone that you don’t know all that well. I always like to buy gifts that are practical as well as pretty, so that I know they will get used. Here are a few tips of buying gifts for beautiful newborns!

Baby Blankets

All new mums need baby blankets – they’re so handy for wrapping up little ones whether they’re in their moses baskets, cots or are out and about in their prams, and they get mucky pretty darn quickly too. You know that your gift will get used (most people tend to buy clothes or toys) and on those days where the washing is piling up, you know that mum will appreciate your gift! Ladybird do a great value range in soft pastel colours or if you’re after something a bit more personal take a look at this striped knitted blanket from Mamas and Papas.

Baby Clothes

A lot of people buy baby clothes as a gift, but sometimes they can end up with so many, and they’ll grow out of them so quickly it can sometimes seem like a waste. If you are buying baby clothes it’s an idea to get them in a few sizes bigger than newborn. If you buy clothes that are aged 6-9 months or 9-12 months, it means that baby can grow into them and the parents will love it as they probably won’t have as much clothing for those ages, and it will be a nice surprise as they will probably have forgotten all about your gift!

Interactive Toys

Parents and experts alike have sung the praises of interactive toys that encourage babies to learn through tactile materials, sound and light. To save letting baby get bored, an interactive toy is a great choice for a gift! If you’re looking to give a substantial gift then a playmat is an excellent option – jam packed full of soft, crinkle and textured materials as well as toy mobiles that include rattles, mirrors and even music –baby will have a great time. I love this cute chick shaped Lollipop Lane playmat that has a great selection of detachable toys. For something smaller take a look at the brilliant Lamaze range – I love these cute bug themed footfinders.

15th September 2010
Written by Very_Lauren