Drop Crotch Jeans -Trend Alert for Men

Living with a fashion conscious hubby can have its pros and cons.

On the positive – he always looks well turned out but it’s sometimes costly on the budget when new trends arrive on the high street.

This month he’s decided that he has to have a pair of drop crotch jeans to wear with his military boots.

When they first caught his eye I must admit I did start singing the classic MC Hammer track but it was only light hearted teasing as I think this style is actually a great twist on wardrobe staple jeans.

It seems all the major fashion brands have jumped on board to produce their own version and Very has been ultra quick on grabbing the best on the market.

At the higher price end G-Star Raw are of course going to earn top marks, not only are they ultra stylish – these jeans just have that little extra that makes them truly stand out from the crowd.

Don’t despair though as the other contenders such as Goi-Goi, Henleys and Firetrap all offer similar styling at a price that is favourable to the pocket.

My chap opted for this pair below from Goi – Goi – with the ultimate drop crotch and tapered leg these are bang on trend. He recommends wearing with a checked shirt and combat boots for a casual day time look or with a military jacket for colder days.

So tell me – what’s your opinion of the drop crotch trend? Is it a look that you love or loathe? Please don’t be shy in sharing your opinions below…

15th September 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Mark 15 September 2010

I like the drop crotch trend… Finally something new for men… And very comfy to wear…

Posted by: Hazel 15 September 2010

I think its fine as long as its not teamed with the ‘you can see my pants’ look!