Five Minutes Of Fabulous Fashion With Katy Perry

Katy Perry – soon to be Mrs Russell Brand – has been doing a tour of the UK this week to promote her album Teenage Dream.

We’ve seen her about a hundred times this week – or at least about 10 – including Claridge’s Hotel, the BBC studios in White City, the Radio 1 studios in central London and of course near Russell Brand’s house in North London.

Everywhere she goes she is trailed by fans and paparazzi, who know that Katy always photographs well in her stylish outfits.

In fact, we haven’t seen Katy look bad once this week, although she does look best when she’s feminine like with this floral dress she wore outside Claridge’s Hotel.

So what are Katy’s style secrets? Find out here!

QS: How important is fashion to your music?

Katy: “Whenever I write a song, I ask myself what would the song look like if it were a dress. Is that stupid?”

QS: What’s your fashion inspiration?

Katy: “The movie Clueless was a fabulous inspiration to me in the 90s! So were Shirley Manson, a young Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Courtney Love. Now I idolize Dita Von Teese, Agyness Deyn, Bjork, Natalia Vodianova, and always Lolita.”

QS: Have you always been into fashion?

Katy: “Not always. I used to completely broke. I used to borrow outfits, get my make-up done at make-up counters, and then sneak into events. It was cool though.”

QS: You’re very adventurous with fashion, namely the light up dress you wore to the Met Costume Gala. Do you ever regret anything?

Katy: “I’ve tried a lot of looks and still continue to do so. I take lots of chances. Sometimes people are inspired and sometimes, confused. I never regret much of anything, though – I think everything I have tried, for better or worse, has been a creative expression of what I was feeling at that moment in life.

“You wear the look, don’t let the look wear you. It’s all about having self-confidence, which helps you pull off anything.”

QS: What do you think about British fashion?

Katy: “I love the British culture and how it continues to hold onto its manners. People still care about social status. You have a very classic, elegant fashion. I love it!”

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6th September 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin