Gemma Arterton Looks Gorgeous In Grey Jersey

Bond girl and action movie Princess Gemma Arterton is preparing for the UK premiere of her next film – which is more arty than action.

We caught up with gorgeous Gemma at the junket for new British movie Tamara Drewe.

She revealed she was excited about how the film would be received after it’s UK premiere on 6 September, but what made us laugh the most was when Gemma said she was frightened of the fame that she’d noticed since being cast in Bond.

“I went home two weeks ago for a visit…people recognise you more when you’re from there,” the actress shared. “They idolise you and put you on a pedestal, unlike Tamara I just go and hide in the toilet.”

Gemma’s real-life toilet escapades are the complete opposite of her character Tamara in the film, based on Posy Simmonds’ comic strip novel.

Tamara loves the attention when she returns to her childhood Dorset village as a smouldering femme fatale with a glamorous job and a new nose after leaving as an awkward teenager. The film documents how her life changes as she goes from geeky kid with a big nose to a glamorous journalist.

“I actually have that nose in my bathroom, framed – it’s great, I just look at it sometimes,” Gemma admitted at the press conference.

“The nose started off as just being a big nose and not ridiculously big, and then Stephen thought it would be funny to just keep making it bigger and bigger, so I had this big beak.

“It’s amazing how much it changed my face but some people didn’t know it was me wearing it. I went on set and I had the whole get-up on, and I went to make a cup of tea and someone said ‘Oh sorry, that’s only for people making the film’.”

How refreshing she still makes her own tea – how long will it be until she has a trailer full of servants to attend to her every whim?

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2nd September 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin