Get Face to Face with the new iPod range

Every year, Steve Jobs takes to the stage at San Francisco and launches the must-have gadgets for the coming year.

Apple, for all their critics, certainly knows how to come up with gadgets and gizmos that capture the imagination of the technology buying public. The iPhone is the world’s best selling smartphone whilst the word “iPod” can now be held up in synonym for the digital music player – up there with “Hoover” and “Biro”.

So Apple will have big expectations for the next generation of iPods, unveiled earlier this month, with some big changes announced to both the touch and nano.

The most striking change to the iPod line-up is in the nano, which has moved away from being merely a slim line iPod to a much reduced, almost “watch like” player.

In terms of size, the nano is now more comparable to the shuffle but unlike the shuffle, the new nano feature a touch screen, meaning that it can pack in some great new features.

The nano is the first small iPod to include a built-in FM radio and Apple’s ‘Genius’ system, which allows you to make some great mixes with your tracks to take your acoustic enjoyment to another level.

Available in a variety of colours and in 8GB and 16GB varieties, the new nano starts at £135 and is available to pre-order now.

If you after the full-fat version of Apple’s music player, then the latest edition of the iPod Touch will certainly excite you, thanks to some revolutionary new features.

This time around, the major selling point that Apple is pushing forward is Facetime. This brings face-to-face calling direct to you, wherever you are with a WiFi connection. With Facetime, you can call your any other iPhone 4 or iPod Touch user and see them, face to face, meaning that you can say what you want with a smile.

The built-in WiFi also means that you can make full use of Apple’s fantastic mobile browser, download new tracks from iTunes, Tweet your latest views and poke your Facebook friends. You’ve also got an FM radio and a HD camcorder thrown into the mix, making this the most versatile iPod yet!

The iPod touch comes in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB varieties, starting at just £199.

20th September 2010
Written by Very_Lauren