Myleene Covers Her Bump Beautifully For Posh Ball

For her first formal outing since announcing her second pregnancy, Myleene Klass is a picture of feminine elegance.

She attended the Olympic Ball in London in a sunshine yellow maxi dress, cut to hide her bump and emphasise her chest. Genius!

Myleene and her fiancé Graham Quinn already have a three-year-old daughter, Ava, and the next little arrival is due in March.

But is the former Hear’Say singer worried about how she’ll fit her career round two children? Does she ever look anything less than gorgeous?

Find out in our mini-interview below:

QS: You always look immaculate but have you had any wardrobe malfunctions?

MYLEENE: “Ava has this habit when we are at the shops of climbing under my skirt and I cannot for all the blackmail and bribery get her out. The other day I had my cash card in one hand and groceries in the other when she climbed under and lifted my skirt. All the checkout staff saw everything!”

QS: Is Ava into fashion?

MYLEENE: “Ava is a little character now. There are days when she doesn’t want to leave the house in anything but a black tutu a pair of welly boots and one of my scarves.”

QS: Who decides what to wear? Do you have a stylist?

MYLEENE: Sometimes, but I dress to please myself — I like to think I’m not a slave to fashion trends. I don’t like the way, when we’re told Boho is in, we all rush out and buy it, and if you’re not wearing the latest colour or style, you can’t possibly be fashionable.

QS: So what’s the favourite item in your wardrobe now?

MYLEENE: “Because I travel a lot, my wardrobe is pretty eclectic — one of my favourite pieces is a silk skirt I picked up in India for the equivalent of 50 pence.”

QS: What colours do you think will be in this season?

MYLEENE: “I love strong, vibrant colours like red, orange and blue, and I live in black. Also, I have quite a few dresses in lively shades like orange. I suit a lot of colours thanks to my mum and her gorgeous Fillipino colouring, but I can’t wear anything pastel.”

That yellow dress definitely is more flurorescent than pastel – no wonder it suits her.

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If there was an Olympic Gold for fashion sense, Myleene would definitely win!

27th September 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin