Revamp your makeup bag

I was wandering round a department store this weekend and managed to get dragged off by one of those lovely make-up ladies, who gave me a fab makeover and taught me how to apply blusher properly (it only took 26 years!) – it was actually fun and I walked away with lots of great products.

When I got home I had a big clear out – that mascara from two years ago, that purple eyeshadow that has been sitting at the bottom of my make up bag for as long as I can remember and several half finished lip glosses – all went in the bin!

It got me thinking though, how many of us have old and out of date makeup sitting in our make up bags? We’re all guilty of it i’m sure but you need to be careful about keeping your makeup up to date because bacteria can build up and age can make make-up do funny things! To avoid looking like you got ready in the dark, and to make sure your make-up is face friendly then it’s worth investing in some new make-up.

Here are my top picks to keep in your make-up bag to get ready for 2011.

Green Eyes

Green Eyes are going to be a massive hit this spring – be inspired by nature and get some natural greens incorporated into your makeup.  Think of lush tropical forests and heavy rain and you end up with a smoky green eye. Finish with a metallic gold, or a turquoise flourish for a quirky look. This Dazzle Dust in Emerald is a brilliant reflective colour that is perfect for going from the office to the bar and will sparkle nicely in the light.

Red Rimmed Eyes

Red and pink rimmed eyes have been all over the catwalk for the Autumn/Winter 2010-11 shows and are great for a soft, feminine look but be careful not to overdo it – you don’t want to look like you’ve got a stye or have had a few too many sleepless nights. Let your eyes dazzle with this crimson pink glitter dust.

Heavy Eyebrows

Following on from last winter’s strong trend for heavy brows, this autumn is all about NOT plucking and keeping your brows thicker and heavier. That doesn’t mean unruly though and make sure they have a defined shape or you’ll end up looking more like Bigfoot than a beauty queen! Keep brows from straying out of line with a lick of clear mascara!

Keeping it Natural

Nude makeup has been a huge hit this year, with flawless complexions being seen on catwalks all over the world. The effect can be harsh but if you want to keep things simple add a few licks of a nude nail polish and keep blemishes under wraps with this Benefit powder concealer. If going completely nude (ahem!) is a bit too harsh then liven things up with a hint of pink with a Jelly Pong Pong Primp stick or brighten up cheeks with a cream blush.

14th September 2010
Written by Very_Lauren