Sarah Harding Shows Off New Casual Cool Look

After a crazy week in Ibiza at the end of August where she partied seven nights of the week, Girls Aloud party girl Sarah Harding is officially on a detox.

We spotted her at London sushi restaurant Gilgamesh where she stuck to Virgin Cocktails and nibbled on healthy sashimi and Posh Spice’s favourite endamame beans to right the wrongs she had done to her body on the White Isle.

It’s hard to remember the last time the singer turned St Trinian’s actress was spotted out looking so casual – normally she’s in something tight and clingy to show off her fab figure on a night on the town with her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane.

But we think she should try dressing down more often. If outfits were chart positions then Sarah’s skinny black jeans and jacket combination would be in the running for number one.

Girls Aloud have now been on a break for nine months so has Sarah’s style had changed since the girls ‘went on a break? Find out in our five minutes with her below:

QS: Who chose the Girls Aloud outfits?

SARAH: “We did. Do you think anyone could have told us what to do. We were so lairy! But we’d have stylists to help.  We’d always want what each other was wearing. But we have to remember that our clothes were chosen because we all have different shapes and sizes and they suited us as individuals.”

QS: What is the most outrageous outfit you wore during Girls Aloud?

SARAH: “The rubber catsuits we wore for Sexy, No No No were the most outrageous outfits ever. We were corseted up underneath and then we squeezed ourselves into them and had to squeeze at the costume to get the air bubbles out. They were sweaty and disgusting by the end. Not sexy!”

QS: Did you ever have a wardrobe malfunction?

SARAH: “Not really but when I was coming back from Las Vegas via Los Angeles a few years ago one of my suitcases went missing and I ended up stranded at LAX airport.  I was performing with the girls in Holland the next day and had to borrow a stage outfit to wear as a normal outfit!”

QS: Do you ever regret anything you’ve worn?

SARAH: “My stage outfits worked for different reasons  – I loved them all. But I used to rehearse in these big pink balloon trousers. The other girls called them parachute pants. They weren’t the best!”

QS:  Summing up, what was your Girls Aloud look? How would you describe your look now?

SARAH: “We all had very different images and because I had cropped hair, I had more edgy outfits. I got the leather trousers rock it up on stage.  Now I have softened my look a bit and I quite like wearing more feminine things like maxi dresses and heels.”

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Forget Sexy No, No, No. This outfit is definitely a yes, yes, yes!

14th September 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin