Skechers Shape Up’s; we know you love them, but will we?

First things first, let’s introduce ourselves. We are the Branded Ladies Footwear Buying Team, and yes, we’re not afraid to say that we have quite possibly the dream job for any girl, searching the country to get an amazing range of branded shoes for all you, our lovely Very customers. We are made up of four lovely girls; Leanne, Claire, Sarah and Steph. We’re all crazy for shoes and love our jobs, even if we do feel like tearing our hair out at times, the shoes make up for it, along with lollipop’s on a Friday!

So why Skechers Shape Ups? To be honest with all the beautiful shoes we have in our office from over 70 brands, the Skechers Shape Up’s aren’t the ones that get the team excited when parcels come into us full of samples, but then we are all girly girls who love our heels.

But week after week a Skechers Shape Up of some form appears in our top sellers, proving that you guys obviously love them. So we thought we’d put them to the test and see what all the fuss is about. We have each selected a style from the current Skechers Shape Up range and the new Skechers Shape Up styles to test out for ourselves! We’ll be wearing them around the office, in the house and at the weekend to see if they really do work and report back on VBlog to let you know how we are doing.

Claire is trialling the Skechers Shape Up XF Peakers shoes. These will be available to buy from the end of September – keep a look out!

Steph will be trialling the Skechers Shape Up S1 shoe – available to buy on Very now.

Skechers Shape Ups Incites Trainer

Leanne will be trialling the Skechers Shape Up Bollard Boots. These are taken from our new Spring 2011 range, available from the 1st January 2011.

Sarah is testing the Skechers Shape Up Motivation shoe – available to buy on Very right now

Skechers Shape-ups Motivation Trainers

So we will be documenting, both as a team and individually, the trial to let you know how we find our Skechers Shape Up’s. If you have any comments or feedback or need any more info please let us know, we will of course put it all to good use when building our new Spring/Summer 2011 range for you!

 Keep checking for more updates on the trial coming very soon!

 Claire, Sarah, Steph and Leanne xx

10th September 2010
Written by Very_Lauren