The X Factor Auditions – Week 6

Sunday’s auditions carried on from Saturday in Manchester bringing us the last of the X Factors hopeful contestants.

Simon and Louis turned up in what looked like matching Ray-bans, was this to shield their eyes from the dazzling beauty that is Nicole?  She looked amazing as usual seated on the panel in a black peplum dress that certainly got my vote!

The night started with 19 year old Damien Devine. This unusual Irish lad arrived in a checked shirt but worn in a very unique way!  Teamed with a sparkling mini skirt this boy was way out there with his hand styled outfit. I must admit I couldn’t keep a poker face as he belted out his take on the Lady GaGa classic and it was a thumb’s down although Louis said he was talented at making clothes so there may still be hope for this young lad!

24 year old Josh Moore failed to impress and his Pig in a Bum Bag got more attention than he did, sorry but anything cuddly on a grown man just seems slightly odd-another thumbs down from the panel.

Tobias Sumpton aged 24 got a lot of stick from Simon after he found out that Tobias already had 20 jobs under his belt – I loved his quick come back though of “ Yes but I’m punctual” and the panel did too – he was through!

The show speeded up with a few more yes votes to Ramena Fahari , Karl Brown and Chrissie Pitt-loved her 70’s style!

Sweet curly haired 16 year old Harry Styles looked spot on in a white vest, grey cardigan, khaki scarf,  drop crotch pants and combat boots with assorted wrist cuffs. Singing acapella he gave a great rendition of  Isn’t She Lovely – such an intelligent boy and I wonder if it that is the reason Louis gives him the thumbs down. Not to worry though Nicole and Simon love him so he’s through to boot camp.

Louis seems to lose the plot after Harry gets through and it’s a series of no votes from him until Diva Fever arrive.

Yes really! Diva Fever finally puts a smile on Louis face and I for one was thankful for that. This duo start off with Let It Be by the Beatles but Simons not impressed so the Divas step up their game with Proud Mary and Nicole is up off her seat, shaking her booty for all its worth! Louis also says there’s something special about the two boys – please don’t let him be having Jedward flashbacks!

28 year old Club singer Richard Thomas brought all his family but despite his husky singing voice the judges do not think he has the X Factor –an emotional audition for all the wrong reasons and I did feel it was tragic that he never made it through.

The final audition brought us 27 year old Marlon McKenzie Singing his own  version of Ain’t No Sunshine he extracted high praise from Simon and I have to admit although I love that song I actually preferred his version!

I must admit my eye was on Marlon for another reason – how sweet was his little boy in his yellow sunglasses! This set me off on wondering if musical talent ran in the family so I just couldn’t resist creating a mini Marlon outfit to share with you all.

So that’s the end of the auditions but it’s on to boot camp and I for one cannot wait till next weekend!

20th September 2010
Written by Very_Lauren