Trend Focus – Leopard Print

When I talked about the leopard print trend on my Facebook page (very_hazel) the response was largely negative. Names like Lilo Lil, Wilma Flintstone, Pat Butcher and Bet Lynch were mentioned. You’ll agree that they’re not exactly style icons, which is perhaps where leopard print gets a bad rap – there are just too many negative connotations surrounding the trend. All the names conjured up by the mere mention of  it were larger-than-life characters, all of whom wore the style head to toe, too tight and revealed a little too much.

Cheryl Cole Tweedy looked fabulous in a strapless leopard print dress. Which I know is hardly a convincing case for leopard print, I mean – when doesn’t she look anything but fab?

In contrast SJP dressed up a daytime jeans and t-shirt combo with a leopard print scarf . It looked great, largely I think, because it didn’t come in the stereotypical leopard print form. Daytime casual wear isn’t the ‘normal’ remit of leopard print, but it works.

So maybe, whilst we’re wearing underwear as outerwear and sequins during the day, now is the time to re-think leopard print?

Avoiding leopard print pitfalls

  • Don’t wear it head-to-toe
  • Make sure it skims not clings
  • Don’t show too much flesh
  • Don’t team it with big hair and full make-up (I think the term ‘slap’ applies here)
  • If it makes you come over all Scary Spice TAKE IT OFF and never, ever put it on again.

Take a style tip from Cheryl and SJP by adding a single accessory to an outfit, like a bag or a pair of shoes in leopard print.

If you are a fan of leopard print and intend to wear more than a hint of it, then you could do worse than take a tip from Ginnifer Goodwin. Although her dress is short she has kept her shoulders and upper arms covered. Her cute cropped hair and minimal make-up keep the look young and fresh. Her classic black shoes and clutch bag and the absence of jewellery keep it beautifully understated.

Rachel Bilson also wears the print exceptionally well. She achieves this by allowing her dress to do the talking and keeping everything else low-key .

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2nd September 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: kim 8 October 2010

the x factor is the show i watch on tv every saturday`s and sunday`s every night at weekends and i want to get cheryl cole`s style off fashion