Clean Up with the Dyson Sale!

If you are looking to “clean up” this autumn before the time comes to put up those festive decorations (that’s right, only 75 shopping days to go!),, as ever, has the answer.

Vacuum cleaners might not be the most exciting topic that you’ll ever read about today but, thanks to Very and their sale on Dyson vacuum cleaners, with up to £100 slashed off the price of Dyson cleaners, cleaning your house doesn’t have to be that much of a chore this autumn.

So, now that we’ve mentioned the Dyson sale, we’ll start there and pick out perhaps the biggest bargain – the Dyson Animal upright cleaner DC27.

Very has knocked an enormous £100 off the price of this classic Dyson cleaner, which is based on the fundamental foundations of technology and innovation that all Dyson’s are based on.

Of course, you have the “bag-less” system that makes emptying the cleaner quick and easy but you’ll also find other great features. Thanks to Root Cyclone Technology, you’ll get no loss of suction from your cleaner.

You’ll also find some clever features such as a telescopic reach wand that expands for instant high reach and easy stair cleaning, brush control which is ideal for cleaning all floor types and a HEPA filter to capture pollen and allergens, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. Auto height adjustment features means that the cleaner maintains perfect contact with floors and a mini turbine head helps you to remove pet hair and dirt from those difficult to reach spaces. At just £229, this really is a great addition to any home.

If you are looking for the very latest in Dyson innovation, then try the Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Upright Cleaner.

Taking the best features of the DC27, this model utilises Dyson’s Ball™ technology, allowing the user to seamlessly navigate the cleaner around the room with just the twist of their wrist. Ultra lightweight, at just 5.4kg, it can be carried around the house with ease and can be yours for just £229.

If you haven’t got the room for an upright cleaner, the Dyson DC19 T2 cylinder could be what you are looking for. This much smaller roll-along cleaner still boasts extending nozzles to help you reach those difficult places, whilst still being easy to stow away when you aren’t using it. Like all Dyson cleaners, it also comes with a five year parts and labour guarantee.

To round up with, we’ll leave the Dyson’s and go straight to a classic. We’ve all seen them at one time or another but the Henry vacuum is still a cleaning icon.

You can pick up with 1200w cleaner for just £99 and one thing is for sure – his cheery face will certainly put the smile back into cleaning!

11th October 2010
Written by Very_Lauren