Fake Tan – achieving the perfect Winter Glow

When winter draws in and summer is all but a distant memory my mind starts to get obsessed with one thing – and no it’s not the urge to stuff myself full of carbohydrates’ to combat the cold, although that does happen I admit!

It’s my legs – they are ghostly white and quite frankly not appealing so I find myself turning to that old trusty friend – Fake Tan.

Cheryl Cole recently got slated for wearing too much fake tan but I for one can see why she’s a fan. Yes she does look amazing with her new red hair and paler skin but as a natural redhead turned blonde I still have that classic pale skin that gives a ghostly blue glow and it can make me look rather ill – pale and interesting I am not!

I love this nude dress by Love Label but I feel that I may look washed out without a little colour so I decided to take a look through Very as my favourite St Tropez has finally ran out!

My Top Five

  1. Johnsons Holiday Skin is a favourite with many as it allows you to build up colour gradually aiming for a natural glow rather than a fortnight in the Bahamas tan – at such a low price I can understand the attraction too, a great buy for anyone on a budget. 


2.St Tropez – This is my first choice as I love the natural Tan shade! I find the colour guide great as I can see where  have put it and as one application is usually all I need – it actually lasts me quite a while!

3. Vita Liberata comes highly recommended and boasts that it doesn’t leave behind any lingering smell according to surveys!  “Rich Silken Chocolate” is ideal for those that love a deeper tan and lasts up to seven days.

4. Tantastic offers an instant fix with this specifically designed gel for legs – a great idea for last minute nights out!


5. Travel Set by Vita Liberata– If you are new to tanning then why not treat yourself to this set as it contains all you need to achieve a professional result – it’s also a great size pack for girly weekends away!


To save a last minute trip to the shops I have also picked out a few essentials to ensure a streak free glow…

Scrub It – Exfoliate lightly – paying extra attention to knees, elbows and feet.

Rub it -Don’t skimp on the moisturiser, apply liberally to the whole body- a good tip is to coat the bottom of feet and palms in Vaseline to keep from staining and leave your moisturiser to soak in before applying fake tan – in this case patience really is a virtue!

Tan It – Use a mitt or gloves and starting from the bottom up apply with caution paying special attention to knees etc-coat this lightly to avoid problems. Use a full length mirror if possible to check you have covered all areas.

Have you used any of these products? Have you got any tips for perfecting a winter glow? Let us know below…

22nd October 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Hazel 23 October 2010

I enjoyed this post Jo, I chuckled at the blue glow – I have that too! I’m intrigued by the Tantastic, I have tried many fake tans but I really don’t have the patience or the inclination for up-keep, so this may be perfect for me. Thanks Jo!