Five Minutes Of Fashion With Kelis On Tour

Welcome back Kelis! Six years after her Milkshake Brought All The Boys To The Yard, the diva brought all her fans to London’s Shepherds Bush for one of the most energetic, adrenalin pumping shows ever.

The American diva says her newest album Flesh Tone was designed to make people get sweaty as she believes there is too much squeaky clean pop in the charts.

And she delivered what she promised as the packed audience went wild for her hits like 4th of July and Acapella.

Kelis is mid-way through a European tour, but we grabbed the busy star for a quick chat about fashion.

QS: It’s been six years since your hit with Milkshake so how your style changed since then?

KELIS: “The way I visually portray myself depends on my mood. This record, I’m going for a theatrical vibe.”

QS: What is your favorite item of clothing?

KELIS :It varies, but I love shoes and boots. I have a pair of severe black platforms.  They remind me of something I would have worn during the nineties in highschool. I have been wearing a lot of different variations on the thigh high boots recently though.

QS: Do you prefer high street or designer?

KELIS: I don’t really have a favourite designer, the same way I don’t have a favourite food. I like Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga but I also like River Island and went shopping on Oxford Street recently.

QS Who are your style icons?

KELIS: My mom. Growing up she always had such great taste and I always thought she was such a lady. I admire her elegance.

QS: Do you have any style tips for people wanting to copy your look?

KELIS: That’s hard – I believe everyone should just look in the mirror and know what suits them and go for it. For me personally, they say less is more but I actually think the more accessories the better!!

The outfit Kelis wore to leave the gig is definitely worth copying.

If leopard print is driving you wild, check out what’s available at Very like the Oasis leopard print shift dress

Check out the gorgeous Kookai leopard print drop waist dress

And get ready to roar in the Fearne Cotton leopard print flock dress!

As Kelis said, accessories are very important! She’s got some stunning shoes like the Dune jiant chandelier heel court shoes

Finish the look with some sparkle like the triple floating heart necklace

Now Kelis’s fashion is bringing all the Girls to the Yard!

7th October 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin