Get ready for Halloween with Very

The night of pumpkins, scary costumes and “trick or treat” is just around the corner and if you haven’t got your Halloween costume yet, you better hurry up!

Whether you think October 31st is a pointless fad that has sailed across the Atlantic or a great excuse for a great night in or out, there are plenty of gifts and goodies on offer to make this year’s Halloween a night to remember. Here at, we’ve got a great selection of costumes, decorations and gifts for this year’s ghoulish celebrations.

We’ll start with the costumes because, let’s face it, if you’re going out to a party or your local bar, you will want to look the part.

For the men, we’ve picked out this Zombie Pirate costume, not just because we like Pirates of the Caribbean, but also because we think that you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd with this great costume. The costume comes with a jacket with shirt, trousers, hat with attached dreadlocks, mask and gloves. The only other thing that you’ll need to complete the look are a pair of boots and some dark grey and light grey face paint.

If you aren’t a fan of the pirate look, why not go with a classic? This Grim Reaper outfit will fit the bill perfectly in our view.

For the ladies, we also think that a modern twist on the classic costume idea works well here. We’re not quite sure why some people opt for costumes such as Wonder Woman or Cheer Leaders when, let’s be honest, they aren’t usually that scary.

Instead, we’ll point you in the direction of this Black Cauldron Witch costume, which we think ticks all the boxes for that ideal Halloween outfit.

If you’re looking for something a little different, then why not take a look at this Black Magic Moment outfit. With a much more contemporary look, we’re sure that you’ll stand out with this!

But of course, it’s important that the youngsters look good when they go out trick or treating. I truth, there is such a huge range to pick from so rather than picking out a particular outfit; we’ll let you browse the great range of boys and girls outfits for yourself!

14th October 2010
Written by Very_Lauren