Hot Trend – Faded Floral

Over the Summer we’ve all been wearing a bit of floral – the pretty prints were perfect for the warm weather.

Now Autumn is here the floral trend is still here but it has just been toned down a little – muted, faded, pastel florals are now the hot new prints for Autumn!

Think vintage, if it looks old and faded you’ve got the right look. Go for vintage shapes too – like corset, empire, shift and prom dresses.

When adding accessories to the look try and keep the antique theme. Ladylike handbags and prim heels go great with the dresses. For jewellery try pearly, trinket necklaces and muted coloured fabric covered beads and go for retro looking sunglasses.

Wear a faded floral top with brightly coloured layers, or wear a floral skirt with a muted coloured vest.

If you want to break up the floral or add interest, thin belts, pearl buttons and frilled sleeves all work well with the trend.

Don’t want to go all out floral? Why not try a faded floral scarf or bag instead?

I thought I’d share this trend as I love it – what do you think of it?

1st October 2010
Written by Very_Lauren