How to walk in high heels

Bette Midler once famously said, ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’. Whereas this is not to be taken too literally, the right shoes can make a woman look and feel fabulous, ‘fat day’ or not! But, despite their infinite beauty, heels can often be tough to walk in so follow my top tips to help you strut in style…

Get Fitted!

Try on different heel heights and pick the one that is most comfortable for you and ensure that you have the right size. A size too small will hurt your feet while a bigger size is likely to make you wobble and fall so get your foot measured properly at a footwear boutique. Don’t assume one size fits all, depending on the style and material of the shoe, the fit and therefore the size can vary.

These G Star RAW Leather High Boots, £180.00 have a lower, wider heel distributing your weight more evenly, so if you have a tendency to wobble – opt for this type of heel. The rider boot makes them bang on trend too.

Carry Spares

Wearing high heel stilettos for a long time can result in a visit to the podiatrist so you have to know when enough is enough. Listen to your body and change to a pair of flat ballet pumps that you can keep in your bag. Many designs now fold in half so they’re small enough to keep in your clutch bag.

I adore these South Flounder flat ballerinas, £12.00. They come in red and bronze patent and look chic with any outfit – so there’s really no excuse!

Perfect your posture

Walking with ease in high heels all stems from your posture. Without finding your centre of gravity, your weight will be distributed unevenly as you walk with most of the pressure resting on the ball of your foot (due to the angle of the foot when inside the heel). This affects your balance, hence the common wobble.

Improve your sense of balance by standing on one leg and change. Repeat this as many times as you like until you wobble less.

A great way to test if you have poor posture is to stand straight and let your arms hang naturally at your side. If you palms are facing behind you, you need to correct your posture! If your palms are facing inwards to the sides of your body, you have good posture.

To correct poor posture, lift your shoulders up to your ears, lower them and lower them once again. Ensure your shoulders are rolled back and down, lengthen your spine by lifting your chest to the sky and engage your lower abs by pulling in your tummy.

Practice makes perfect so you should try these exercises in the heels you want to grow used to and teeter around in the most. I have my eye on these Lipsy Patent Court Shoes, £40.00 for the day time since they are classic in appeal and so versatile and, for a bit of 70s disco fever, I’ll be wearing Apple Bottoms Hero Sandals, £70.00 for when I hit the tiles at night!

Now step forward from heel to toe and put your sexiest foot forward! For more tips, check out my video blog on ‘how to walk in high heels’.

29th October 2010
Written by Very_Lauren