Minnie Driver’s Leather Look At Film Festival

After a few years off to raise her son, Minnie Driver is back at work and looking every inch the glamorous movie star at the London Film Festival.

However, the 40-year-old mother of two-year-old Henry said she wasn’t back at work because she enjoyed dressing up for the red carpet or making entertaining movies.

Now she’s had a break to think about life, the British actress wants a few of the movies she makes to have a message. She said that’s why she chose the film Conviction about a family’s fight for justice for a man wrongly accused of murder.

“What we do, while it’s entertaining and it’s relevant in its realm – we’re not curing anything,” Minnie explained. “But to tell a story that has a social message that might well educate people or might get them to re-examine other areas or their lives or their interactions within their community – I think it’s an amazing thing.

“Conviction is such an artful, beautiful film in that way. It’s a love story that has a message that also carries on.”

With her conscience sorted in that way, Minnie looks happy and without a care in the world as she dressed up to promote it during the London Film Festival.

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As it’s unlikely Minnie’s son will be allowed to watch Conviction for a few years, her next role is more family-friendly.

She’s currently shooting musical comedy Hunky Dory in Wales, telling the story of a high school drama teacher who decides the end of year show will be a rock and roll version of the Tempest.

It’s produced by Billy Elliott producer Jon Finn and will be released, no doubt to box office success, in early 2011. No wonder she’s looking so trim in that shift dress!

19th October 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin