Rihanna Does Loud Florals In London

Rihanna has certainly been working hard recently, she’s been over in the UK promoting her new album.

We caught up with her again – in another fabulous outfit as she played a selection of tracks from her new album Loud to an intimate group of journalists at Sketch restaurant in London.

Talking about owning the floral trend? If there was a style bible for florals, Rihanna could be a textbook example!

However, it’s clear Rihanna knows what she is talking about when it comes to music as the playback started with Rihanna explaining why she chose the name of the album Loud.

“You have to listen to it loud, that’s how it sounds best… It just makes me feel excited!” the Umberella singer explained. “I wanna dance to every song and I know that’s what people like – something that makes them dance.

“I hate when I buy an album and you’ve only got, like. four songs and you have to skip… Sometimes I’m in the shower and I don’t wanna have to get out and go from, like, number two to number eight, you know? I wanted to make an album that you could just press play.”

The tracks played did all seem more dance related than her previous album Rated-R, especially a track called S&M  – an upbeat techno song with the raunchy lyrics “sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me!”

Given these lyrics, it’s impressive Rihanna managed to pull off the cute and feminine floral outfit.

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Or if Rihanna’s shorts inspire you, the Love Label  playsuit is a cute way to wear the floral trend

A bright outfit signifies optimism so you can tell Rihanna’s in a good place right now.

After the show she went to dinner with her boyfriend Matt Kemp before the couple headed back to their London hotel.

Matt was the star player in the LA Dodgers final game this season. How fab to see her with a man who is just as talented as she is!

20th October 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin