Say Hello, Kitty!

If you are wondering why you keep seeing the image of a white cartoon cat popping up across the internet, the chances are that you have come across Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty started out as a fictional character that started out life on a range of Japanese children’s gifts, toys and accessories in 1975. After enjoying modest success in the Far East, it was in the 1990’s when the image of the white female bobtail cat with the pink bow really took off when celebrities Maria Carey, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were seen with the brand.

Today, Hello Kitty is a global phenomenon, selling in 60 countries worldwide and even becoming a children’s ambassador for Unicef.

Here at Very, the Hello Kitty range is packed with gifts, gadgets and goodies sporting the world famous logo and with the cold weather on the way, we’ve picked out some winter warmers for your youngsters.

We’ll start with the Hello Kitty Gilet body warmer. This comes in a vibrant pink with the iconic Hello Kitty logo printed onto the chest of the garment. With a padded lining, it certainly won’t leave you out in the cold and is machine washable.

To go with that, why not complete the look with a pair of these Hello Kitty Stancey snugg boots? These tan coloured boots are idea for walking to school on those frosty mornings and with a sock lining, they won’t leave your little ones with frozen toes!

But what about their head? Well, Hello Kitty has that covered as well. These Hello Kitty ear muffs and gift box look fantastic, taking in the quirkiness that the Hello Kitty brand is all about. The gift set includes a metal tin, mirror and bracelets.

Of course, Hello Kitty isn’t all about the outside. When your kids come home, they’ll love to take a break on this Hello Kitty cushion. Fully machine washable, this is perfect for the bedroom as they sit up to watch TV or read at story book.

As you can imagine, that is just a very brief snapshot of what Hello Kitty has to offer. Make sure that you see the full Hello Kitty range at

15th October 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Yen 26 March 2015

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