X Factor Final 12

This week’s show saw the contestants auditioning for a place in the Live Finals and as expected it was an emotional show, certainly the hardest so far for both the contestants and the judges.

The Boys


Dannii Minogue was joined in Australia by Natalie Imbruglia to help chose her final three. First to audition was Nicolo. Confident as ever he told Dermot ‘If she [Dannii] picked me, she would make the best decision’. I wondered how many of the viewers at home agreed? Well, Dannii made the decision to take him through to the live finals, whether or not it was the best decision remains to be seen. She told Nicolo his pros where the same as his cons – he is a diva, he is fierce, he knows it and works it, she said he was the ‘biggest risk ever’. But then it wouldn’t be X Factor if there weren’t a few risks.

The remaining two places went to Aiden and Matt. Aiden was told he must control his nerves. Despite them he still gave a great performance of Canonball by Damien Rice. Matt can put the ‘sticky floored bars’ behind him as he hits the live shows. He gave his audition everything with Beyoncé’s If I Were A Boy. Louis has already tipped Matt to be the winner saying ‘He has something special’.

Despite being told he gave the best performance of the boys, we had to say goodbye to ‘adorable’ Tom. Also, popcorn hating Paije, John who had a great voice but was just too uncomfortable to watch, nervous Karl and Dad of two Marlon.

The Over 28’s

Next we were in Ireland with Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and the Over 28’s. This category had me laughing, crying and cringing. Sharon’s observation of ‘this is all very odd’ was spot on!

For me the final three were obvious. John was the first to go through. Before he went in he said ‘I’ve just got to sing my heart out and just be me’ and he did, his audition was enjoyable, he was bouncy and likeable. I doubt he will be one to cause controversy in the shows but will quietly improve week-on-week and give the other contestants something to worry about.

Next up was Storm, after an emotional audition he obviously thought the worst when Louis told him that he had to wonder why he hadn’t made it before now. But this time he has made it, I foresee some interesting comments on the horizon from Simon.

Lastly, Louis told Mary that ‘you draw me in’. Despite the fact that she forgot a few words in her audition he could see she had real talent. Simon knew it after her first audition when he gave her a knowing smile. This lady has promised to work hard and you just know she will.

So we say goodbye to larger-than-life Stephen, Yuli, Justin, Wagner – who left hoping we had ‘enjoyed the sound of his voice’ – and smiley Elesha, who had been given a second chance after being kicked out of bootcamp.

The Groups

In Spain Simon Cowell was joined by Sinitta wearing another interesting choice of outfit. Simon was less than enamoured with his category claiming it was a stitch up. Luckily though he avoided another Jedwood situation by saying ‘no’ Twem and Diva Fever. FYD were the first to go through even though he couldn’t make up his mind whether they were singers or dancers. Time will tell.

The remaining two places went to 1 Direction and Belle Amie, interestingly these are the groups that the judges put together in Bootcamp. 1 Direction gave the most convincing performance of the boys category with a rendition of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn. Simon told them ‘I am so impressed with all of you’. I think we all were.

Belle Amie had just a week together to rehearse and yet gave a great performance of George Michael’s Faith. As solo artists they were ‘too good to let go’ let’s see what they can do as a group… In all it seems that Simon’s category turned out to be much better than he first thought.

The Girls

Finally, and perhaps the most emotional group, The Girls. Cheryl Cole was joined by Will.i.am in Ascot for the auditions. First up was Rebecca. In bootcamp Simon said ‘that is a recording voice’ after hearing her sing. Will.i.am echoed this saying simply ‘superstar voice’. She is going to be one to watch.

Drama Queen Katie forgot her words and broke down during her audition but Cheryl thought that she was ‘quirky, original and intriguing’ and put her through to the next stage. She certainly has a great look but can she keep her emotions under control?

Finally, Cher made it through. Her audition was a disaster, she was suffering with tonsillitis and became so frustrated and upset during her audition she didn’t even finish her song. Cheryl believed she had something and that was enough to secure her a place.

So, its game over for Annastasia and Treyc who were both unsuccessful at this stage in previous years, Keri, Gamu and shy Raquel.

Katie’s style was one that caught my eye, I loved the theatrical lace dress and umbrella, the X Factor style team are going to have some fun with Katie’s look!

Katie Waissel - Get Her Look!

Next Week

In the first of the live finals next week we’ve been promised a shock twist, my first thought was that they are going to switch the mentors but we’ll have to watch to find out…

The style war will kick off between Dannii and Cheryl and with Very being the first offical fashion sponsor of  The X Factor, the contestants could very well give them a run for their money!

6th October 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: kim 8 October 2010

i absolutely love to be a role model like cheryl cole because in fearless look as in not scared of the dark or the hieghts as well as but what i think about that is a bit like britney spears as well
and very.co.uk off the x factor`s style

Posted by: kim 8 October 2010

i absolutely love to be a role model like cheryl cole because in fearless look as in not scared of the dark or the hieghts as well as but what i think about that is a bit like britney spears as well but i think