X Factor – Guilty Pleasures

This week we were treated to what Louis described as the ‘best show we’ve ever done’.

Paije opened the show singing Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan. The only bad comment he received was from Simon, saying that he didn’t like his outfit. Again.

Next up was Jon, singing Zoom by Fat Larry’s Band but neither his performance nor his silver jacket could distract you from the dancers on stage. Simon then got his claws out saying that perhaps ‘it was an intentional distraction from a lousy song choice’. Ouch. You have to feel sorry for Jon as his performance was out done by what was going on behind him.

Rebecca was finally given the ladylike retro look that suits her so much. She sang Why Don’t You Do Right? by Peggy Lee with a piano accompaniment. Simon commented ‘this is the night you turned into a star’.

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Feisty Cher was next on stage. With a medley of No Diggity/Shout she put on a huge performance. Dannii said ‘It felt like you’, I was getting a distinct Alesha Dixon vibe but my other half thought ‘She looks like something out of Kiss’. He has a point, it would be nice to see her eyes. She is such a pretty girl, she really doesn’t need all of that make-up.

Matt was the surprise of the night with Dannii’s song choice. Matt sang the Britney Spears’ hit …One More Time. That is not a sentence I thought I would ever write. He nailed it. Just him and his acoustic guitar it was, as Simon said, absolutely incredible.

One Direction had a last minute song change to Pink’s Nobody Knows. They were likened to the Beatles for the hysteria they cause. That is quite something to have to try and live up to – can the boys do it?

Treyc performed Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. Louis said he never thought he would hear anyone sing Led Zeppelin on the X Factor. My other half commented that ‘it should have stayed that way’. Led Zeppelin fans will not be amused.

Mary returned to her first audition song, I (Who Have Nothing) by Dame Shirley Bassey. Once again she gave me goosebumps. Dannii told her that ‘You perform like you have been on that stage for years and years’ That is because it is where she belongs. Go Mary!

One Dame Shirley Bassey hit was followed by another when Aiden sang Diamonds Are Forever. He gave another intense performance which was then betrayed by him pulling ‘that face’ repeatedly when the song was over. It was all too Jekyll and Hyde.

After being in the bottom three last week, Belle Amie chose their own song (after-all, what would Simon Cowell know?). They wanted to each have equal singing parts after their squabbles last week. There was an obvious divide in the song choice, The Pretenders’ I’ll Stand By You, between the judges. Dannii felt the song choice lacked ‘wow factor’ and yet Cheryl said they had great taste in music.

Much like Dannii and Cheryl, I was left speechless at the Spice Up Your Life/Livin’ La Vida Loca medley by Wagner. At least he was wearing a shirt this week but what’s with the earrings and the red and orange string vest? They were as puzzling as the performance. Dermot was right to look scared when Wagner practically had him in a headlock!

To close the show was Katie singing I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book. In the VT Simon said it wouldn’t be in his top million [song choices]. Katie was breathy, giggly and flirty – very Monroe-esque. The performance was energetic and theatrical. Simon ate his words and admitted it was ‘genius’.

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The Results.

To cut to the chase, Jon and Treyc faced the sing-off. Jon sang Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson and Treyc One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson. Everyone but Louis decided to send Jon home. I don’t think we ever got to see the best of Jon, which is sad, as I for one have already seen quite enough Wagner.

Can’t wait to see the performances next week. I think we’ll be in for a treat!

Who do you think will be next to leave?

25th October 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: daisychain 26 October 2010

Wagner to win. Blatantly.

(er, actually Aiden to win, but don’t tell Wagner)