X Factor Live Finals- The Results


Saturdays show kicked off with the X Factor judges giving out a wildcard to bring back a contestant each onto the show.  And so we welcomed back Diva Fever, Wagner, Treyc and Paije bringing the contestants up from 12 to 16.

Cheryl and Danni look stunning as usual, Dannii’s bright red lips are just the right choice to offset her vintage cream lace dress and Cheryl’s up-do really helps to accentuate her elegant choice of an off shoulder LBD.

F.Y.D kicked off the show with a lively performance.

Then it’s on to 27 year old Matt wearing his trademark cap. Although everyone else is loving it I felt disappointed by the song choice as it didn’t touch his Roberta Flack number for me – but he still manages to get in some of his high notes and gets high praise from Louis- with Simon also saying he’s recording material!

John Adeleye – puts on a good performance, not sure the white half-mast drainpipes were working but Simon praised his look anyway but then started a Cat fight with Louis over the song choice, meow!

Rebecca Ferguson was up next looking stunning as usual in a floor length maxi dress. Simon says song choice was rather safe but he feels she holds big surprises- I’m with you on that Simon!

Storm was next up-not sure which look I hated more his old or new one! The harlequins painted on 3d specs were a bit much for me and that’s before the dancers wearing condoms on their heads arrived! I can’t knock his voice though- true rock star quality!  Dannii demanded to know where the costumes came from and no wonder!

 X Factor formed group Belle Aime entered the stage and looked bang on trend, jumpsuits seem to be a sure favourite for the girls,  although the singing wasn’t so hot.  Simon said we need more girl power and I couldn’t agree more!

Cher Lloyd entered in print harem pants and leather jacket, singing one of my old time tunes and shows that she is a natural MC – knocking the critics into the water- and getting high praise from the panel.

Diva fever returns – I’m still not sure if they are recording quality but I do find them entertaining! Entering in pink and lilac sequin suits-and then onto neon cycling shorts with Simon style v neck tops – easy now Simon! Reminded me oddly of the Alan Partridge sketch with the traffic cones!

Paije sings Fugee’s classic ‘killing me softly’ but Simon gives the lip twist of doom-was it the outfit? But Simon then actually praises him saying he sang it really well.

Katie arrives playing a fake keyboard table singing ‘we are the champions’. I love her little husky voice she reminds me of a mini Gwen Stefani –pity her outfit wasn’t more Gwen inspired though!

Mary – Dublin’s favourite lady scrubbed up well and sang ‘This is a man’s world’ by James Brown- brilliant performance- one to watch!

Nicolo Festa gave an unusual performance and as Danni said at Boot Camp she’s not sure we would really understand him.

One Direction was up next with an amazing performance and Louis claims the band idea was his! And then knocks the boys dress sense – they are young lads Louis –that’s what they wear!

Brazil born Wagner entered singing Ricki Martin, then onto Love Shack playing the drums! Wildcard he certainly is! Dannii seemed shell shocked and Cheryl give him a thumbs up whilst Simon called him bonkers.

Aiden Grimshaw shows us he is really top with his vocals – Cheryl said he was the surprise of the evening and gains high praise from Simon.

Treyc end’s the night in a figure hugging cobalt blue dress with chains -Simon wasn’t keen on it but if I had those curves id be wearing dresses like that to get my morning papers! She gives a powerful performance and the show ends with Simon stating her vocals were the best of the night- brilliant!

Sunday-The results

After a great performance from the finalists as a group singing ‘Rhythm of the night’ Usher entered and kept the crowd entertained and then so does Joe- Cheryl’s favourite from before.

Dannii looked stunning in a black prom dress and so did Cheryl in a nude lace mini dress!

Then It’s down to the votes-

F.Y.D, Katie and Nicolo were left in the bottom three.  Nicolo was the first out and not feeling too good about it -bless him, whilst the last two were left to sweat it out.

Poor Katie then battles it out with F.Y.D and I have to say I loved the image and song choice for Katie.

F.Y.D were then voted out with three votes- so Katie stays and that’s the end till next week’s show.

So what did you think? Do you agree with the decision or were you hoping for a different act to go?

11th October 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Hazel 11 October 2010

I’m glad Nicolo went, he was just too irritating! But it’s a shame FYD had to go before Diva Fever and Wagner… oh well maybe next week the playing field will be leveled?