Exclusive: X Factor at The Very Christmas Catwalk Show

I was so excited to be invited to the Very Christmas Catwalk Show in London’s Bloomsbury on Wednesday night. Held in the spacious basement of Victoria House, the vast white walls were adorned with the gorgeous new bright pink Very logo and the atmosphere buzzed with the knowledge that the X Factor contestants were in the building.

The show started with the contestants greeting us and saying how lovely the Very people are ‘they give us loads of free stuff’ chuckled Rebecca. They sat down and the show began…

One dreamy party outfit after another were sent down the runway, with a few chaps in suits that received a rousing cheer from the predominately female audience.

I know the winter collection like the back of my hand (the result of too many hours perusing the pages Very.co.uk!) but it was great to see the products ‘in the flesh’. This Love Label Draped Bustier Dress is one I have had my eye on but keep dithering about, the show confirmed that it is as lovely as I thought and – if I get the right festive invitation – it will be mine.

I also spotted these red KG Echnicea Courts, they’re simply divine, and this black South net skirt. During the show my wish list doubled in size (and it was pretty big to begin with!)

It was over all too quickly the contestants left with a wave and a smile and I left feeling a little star struck and inspired to try a few new looks.

25th November 2010
Written by Very_Lauren

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