Five Minutes Of Fashion: Konnie Huq

This week The Xtra Factor presenter Konnie Huq had to compete against three style icons – Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Dannii’s big sister Kylie, who performed during the results show.

Konnie said she always feels the least chic on the show but she has an interesting excuse as to why it’s easier for Dannii and Cheryl to look good.

Read all about this and her attitude to fashion and jewellery in our quickfire question round below:

QS: How has your style changed since starting The Xtra Factor?

KONNIE: “Clothes wise it has been rather fun because each show you need a different outfit. That’s something for every audition, every bootcamp, every judge’s house.. So I have more clothes than I have ever had before!”

QS: Have you ever had any embarrassing moments when it comes to clothes?

KONNIE: “I was going to an event, and the inner lining of my skirt travelled upward due to static when I walked. Someone took a photo and about a millimetre of my knickers showed. Because parliament was in recess and I’m an ex-Blue Peter presenter, this was apparently news.”

QS: What about any embarrassing moments on The Xtra Factor?

KONNIE: “There was one dress I was wearing at Dannii’s house which I had to keep hoisting up because I was so paranoid I was going to fall out of it. Dannii and Cheryl always look so chic.

“But I think I’m out and about a lot more with the crowds and the queue and the carparks so its harder for me.”

QS: How do you pick what to wear?

KONNIE: “I went shopping with the stylist on the first day to Selfridges. . It was a bit like doing a trolley dash. She said choose some nice pieces and I said ‘yes, please!’

“We’ve got a good mix of expensive stuff and high street stuff but then the expensive stuff is not really that expensive. I actually like it when you get something from the high street and everyone likes it and you can tell them you got it on the high street.”

QS: Finally, what’s your top tip?

KONNIE: “I get to buy lots of jewellery and accessories which is really  great. Jewellery really changes an outfit.

“At the moment I love chunky gold jewellery. And I am a real fan of mixing silver and gold because I think it’s a bit funkier. I’m not a very co-ordinated kind of person, I like eclectic mish-mashes.”

Konnie was snapped in London recently with a dress with a funky twist.

Copy her look with a one-shoulder dress with added detail like the Killah one-sleeved jersey dress

Be subtle but still sexy in the Forever Unique One Shoulder Ruffle Dress

Or go super funky with the Religion one shoulder embellished dress

These outfits definitely all have the X Factor.

8th November 2010
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Nina B 23 November 2010

I agree with Konnie’s thoughts on silver and gold. Why have either/or when you can have both! X

Posted by: Amy 8 November 2010

Konnie is so pretty!